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Short Stories -- cover

Great American Short Stories:
From Hawthorne to Hemingway

(Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
Edited collection with Introduction

Published by
Barnes & Noble Books, 2004
ISBN 978-1593083380

How to Get This Book

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Beginning with well-known stories by Hawthorne, Poe, and Melville, this collection includes work by Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Henry James, Sarah Orne Jewett, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Charles W. Chesnutt, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, O. Henry, Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, Stephen Crane, Jack London, Sherwood Anderson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway.

How to Get This Book

1. Ask for it at your local library.
If they don't have it, they may be able to
get it for you from another library.

2. Buy it at your local bookstore.
If they don't have it in stock,
they can always order it for you.

3. Order it on-line.