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Remember Me? 

Remember Me? is a brand-new picture book that hasn’t been illustrated or published yet. It’s the story of kids who are living through this hard time, just like us. Send me your illustrations to post on my website.

Click HERE to read the complete picturebook text.

Click HERE for the free, downloadable manuscript template.
Print it out and illustrate it yourself!
Email me your favorite page illustration. Include your first name and your age in your email.
I’ll be posting the illustrations on this page, so check back again soon to see the inspired artwork.

Check out other activities for kids at Remote Learning Resources.

We’re all in this together! Have fun!  Stay safe!


Page 1 by Morgan, age 11


Page 9 by grade 3 student


Page 7 by Ivy, age 4

Cover by Josephine, age 7

Page 1 by Ariadne, age 7



Page 7 by Samuel, age 6

Page 9 by Isabel, age 7

Page 15 by Theo, age 5

Page 14 by grade 3 student

Page 15 by grade 3 student


Page 9 by Liam, age 4

Page 4 by Loy, age 6

Page 7 by Elaina, age 4


Book Cover by Chloe, Age 7

Page 7 by grade 3 student

Cover by Ayaan, age 6


Page 9 by Lilah, age 4