Notes on Ten Times Better

The Illustrations [for Ten Times Better were] painted with gouache.

The original drawing for the elephant was a single page drawing but when the decision was made to open with double page spread, it was redone and the original was used for spot art on the copyright page.

A similar thing happened with the crocodile. Baskin tried a few side views, and finally decided it was more powerful to have the crocodile coming straight at you. Instead of abandoning the drawing of the crocodile in profile, it was used for the dedication page.

The number of stripes in the original illustration was incorrect—there needed to be 90.  An assistant created a body cutout, and drew the right number.

Baskin did several giraffe drawings until he got the 70 spots on its neck, correct.

Baskin painted one bee.  The author photocopied the bee and laid them out in varied patterns.  Originally they were facing in different directions, but he decided they worked best swarming towards the text.

                                                                                                      - Richard Michelson
photo by Daniella Bordonaro