I did not have dogs pose live though I used to paint my old dog from life with a handful of chicken and a successful "stay" command.   
I video taped some dogs I knew and thought would work in the book. I spent as lot of time surfing the internet to find many of the dog photos.  Patty and Emily provided me with several photos of the actual dogs they had described in the book.  I snuck in 2 dogs I had owned, Puppy and Abby,   their real names - Rudy and Baby Earl.
  The paintings, done in oil, took between one and three days to complete.  Researching took the longest.  Once I have my source material, the actual painting is pretty quick. 
The medium I use is oil paint. _

Patty and I have done
1. Painting the Wind
2. Once I Ate a Pie
3. I Didn't Do It - due to come out fall 2010

                                                       - Katy Schneider

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photo by Daniella Bordonaro