I was called by the editor for this project, though I believe I was requested by Jane.  I had already worked on a couple of books with her and we have known each other for 25 years, so her requesting me was something she could do knowing what to expect.  I thought the idea of one of our greatest picture book authors writing the life story of one of the greatest children’s stories authors of the past  was intriguing. My contact with Jane through this project consisted mostly of the gathering of reference material from her vast collection at her house.  I think she was out of the country for most of the time I worked on this book.  I usually work directly with the editor and art director, rarely if ever with the author.  I would however, in the case of books by Jane, show her the work, after having shown everything to the editor and art director first, because of both our friendship and the fact that Jane has an incredible eye for what “works” for a particular book.  She has a great visual sense and taste.  I think the book took about four months, including everything, but the actual painting time for an individual page can take as little as three days.  For this book I used a combination of watercolor washes to “antique” the paper and colored pencils for the drawing.  I like to vary my materials I use for each book, but otherwise the process is about the same, rough sketches and breakdown of pages to be illustrated, refined sketches, gathering of reference and choosing models, and  finished paintings.
                                                                            - Dennis Nolan
photo by Daniella Bordonaro
     Notes on The Perfect Wizard